When  purchasing a Bolero puppy the price includes our knowledge, guidance and experience for the life of your puppy.  Our puppies are sent to their new homes at 9-10 weeks of age. The price includes,cropped ears, tail docking and dew claws:  Puppies are not sent home until ears have healed and first posting has been done.  Ear materials, glue, adhesive remover, tape are sent home with the puppies. All Bolero puppies are cropped and docked which coincides with the DPCA Standard for Dobermans. Here is a link to one interesting article regarding cropping and docking.

We offer as much guidance as needed when posting ears. Food for several days, treats, new toy and old toy are also sent home with your new puppy. We do not accept deposits until we are sure we have a puppy for you.  Our price includes….

  • two puppy shots DpV2
  • a healthy, worm free pup
  • AKC Papers and registration, three generation pedigree:  pets are sold on a limited registration
  • copies of health testiting on sire and dam
  • photographs and pedigree of sire and dam
  • copies of Championship Certificate, Temperment Testing and Performance Titles of Sire and Dam
  • microchip and fees for AKC reunite
  • Puppy Temperment TEST Results
  • Puppy’s updated health record with veterinary examination
  • One year health gaurantee against genetic defects
  • Contract stating purchaser will care and feed quaility food, keep puppy in secure area (not tied out).  Must not transfer ownership without contacting and/or returning puppy to breeders.
  • A puppy that is VWD Clear or Carrier
  • A puppy that has been socialized, raised with love
  • vaccines, training, and diet are research based (rules of 7, Puppy Culture, Dr.Dodd’s vaccine protocol, RAW Diet).