Hudson XLayla (GCh. Kettlecove N Ashtrick’s St. Elmo’s Fire x GCh. Bolero Little Black Dress Up v Deerfield OAJ OA ROM)







Hudson X Layla’s Finn at 15 Weeks

Fin is Owned by Michelle Nelson and Oskar Milik

Hudson and Layla 8 Weeks



Hudson and Layla 5 weeks



Hudson X Layla 4 Weeks

born 4-21-17

Pictures taken May 21, 2017



Hudson X Layla 2-3 weeks old

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May 12, 2017

3 weeks old


Our Hudson X Layla babies were born April 21, 2017.  Here they are during week one and two.




GCh. Kettlecove N Ashtrick St. Elmo’s Fire

Normal Echo, DCM Gene 1 and 2 Negative, VWD Clear

Hudson was bred by Sharon Duval Ashley Ring and is owned by Deb Wedderman ,Courtney Behn Hanisak and Breeders.

Diversity Certificate

Cardiology Cert – Sammarco – Echo results

GCh. Bolero Little Black Dress Up V Deerfield OAJ OA ROM


VWD Clear, Norman Echocardiogram-January 30 2016, Normal Holter August 2016, Negative for DCM 1 by Parentage, Hips and elbows OFA good

Layla is bred, owned and loved by Bolero Dobermans

Pedigree: GCh. Bolero Little Black Dress Up V Deerfield OA OAJ ROM