Hudson XLayla (GCh. Kettlecove N Ashtrick’s St. Elmo’s Fire x GCh. Bolero Little Black Dress Up v Deerfield OAJ OA ROM)

Luke and Finn’s Sire

GCh. Kettlecove N Ashtricks St. Elmos Fire owned by Deb Wedderman Courtney Behn Hanisak Sharon Duval and Ashley Ring 

Hudson is pictured at the National Host Club on his way to winning BOB under well respected Breeder Judge John Shoeneman.


Hudson is now NUMBER 6 in the DPCA Top 20!

November 2017

Luke and Finn our 7 months old!

Look for Luke and Finn in the Ring soon!


Bolero The Force Awakens




Bolero Force Unleashed





Hudson X Layla’s Finn at 15 Weeks

Fin is Owned by Michelle Nelson and Oskar Milik

Hudson and Layla 8 Weeks



Hudson and Layla 5 weeks



Hudson X Layla 4 Weeks

born 4-21-17

Pictures taken May 21, 2017



Hudson X Layla 2-3 weeks old

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May 12, 2017

3 weeks old


Our Hudson X Layla babies were born April 21, 2017.  Here they are during week one and two.




GCh. Kettlecove N Ashtrick St. Elmo’s Fire

Normal Echo, DCM Gene 1 and 2 Negative, VWD Clear

Hudson was bred by Sharon Duval Ashley Ring and is owned by Deb Wedderman ,Courtney Behn Hanisak and Breeders.

Diversity Certificate

Cardiology Cert – Sammarco – Echo results

GCh. Bolero Little Black Dress Up V Deerfield OAJ OA ROM


VWD Clear, Norman Echocardiogram-January 30 2016, Normal Holter August 2016, Negative for DCM 1 by Parentage, Hips and elbows OFA good

Layla is bred, owned and loved by Bolero Dobermans

Pedigree: GCh. Bolero Little Black Dress Up V Deerfield OA OAJ ROM