Ollie 6 weeks old.



Click here to see Ollie at 11 months old working with Andrew in IPO.



Ollie grown up with his brother Bob.

We didnt know it at the time, but Ollie was more than remarkable, or just one of those special red boys. Since the moment he was born he showed us what he was made of.  Ollie was the biggest, strongest, he was the fastest to nurse, to walk, to climb out of the whelping box, to go potty on the pads to greet visitors, to climb on laps, to eat raw bones, to play show dog on the table…..  The first at everything exept opening his eyes.  After taking Ollie to our regular vet and then to an Opthomologist we learned that Ollie had one small eye.  His prognosis was good, he could lead a normal life, but the eye would never be normal and may have to be removed.  After learning this, I had to tell several people that I would not have a puppy for them,  since Ollie would need a special home, possibly staying here. When I made the call to one young couple they said, “wait” we want to meet him, we think he may be a good fit for our family. AND sure enough he was,  and is, and we are so proud of Ollie and thankfull to Andrew, Sam and Bob for loving Ollie and making him a family member.